Pumpkin Space Systems designs and manufactures turnkey satellite solutions for sophisticated government and commercial missions under 25 Kilograms. Complete NanoSats and Cubesat spacecraft from 1U to 12U in size are its sweet spot. With flight heritage on over thirty missions by over a dozen customers, Pumpkin’s industry leading SUPERNOVA bus is modular and adaptable to a wide variety of payloads and missions. It is compatible with CSD dispensers which may be used on all launch vehicles.

Pumpkin offers custom payloads and payload integration, as well as high performance systems including Solar Arrays, Power Systems and structures. Pumpkin was founded 20 years ago and is based in San Francisco.

Company Website: http://www.pumpkinspace.com

Event Contacts

Name Rob CALL Andrew E. Kalman, PhD
Title CEO / CTO
Email Rob@PumpkinInc.com
Tel 415 385-4370
Cell 415 385-4370
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