Our Vision– Connecting Space – Pioneering innovation–Taking care of critical data in all environments. Zodiac Data Systems (ZDS) provides turnkey satellite ground station solutions. It designs and manufactures high data rate receivers for remote sensing (Cortex HDR), Deep Space processors (Cortex DS), TT&C modems (Cortex CRT), SSPA, Satellite Constellation End User Satcore with combined TT&C and high data rate receiver, Up/Down Converters, IF recorders (RSR), and integrated solutions for carrier and signal as well as 2.4-11m LEO/MEO S/X/Ka tracking antennas. Serving Commercial Customers and U.S. Government Organizations such as NASA NOAA, and the U.S. Armed Forces for over 20 years.

Company Website: http://www.zodiacaerospace.com

Event Contacts

Name Michele Switalski Ludovic Court
Title Business Development Manager, Space & Communications Division Sales and Marketing Manager
Email michele.switalski@zdsus.com Ludovic.Court@zodiacaerospace.com
Tel 858-350-3160 33 1 69 82 79 50
Cell 470-365-8466 33 6 07 37 60 73
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