Space Hardware SHOCK & VIBRATION Test Expertise!

Our Southern CA based, MIL-STD-790 approved and ISO-17025 accredited laboratory houses multiple state-of-the-art dynamic test systems that can handle a wide range of High G Shock and Vibration applications; Pyro- and Classic Shock, as well as Sine, Random, Sine-on-Random, Launch, Gunfire and Windmilling vibration. Our two most powerful T4000 shakers offer a combined 80,000 lbf in dual shaker mode for oversized and heavy devices and structures. We offer Shock and Vibration testing at Temperature, from cryogenic to extreme heat. For sensitive test samples, we offer a Class 100,000 Clean Room environment.

In addition, Experior Laboratories offers a wide range of mechanical, climatic and materials type test services to the Aerospace, Space, Military, Telecommunication, Industrial and many other industries.

Company Website: http://www.experiorlabs.com

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