Glavkosmos history goes back to February, 1985. The main objectives of the Company consisted in the space activities with foreign partners. Together with departmental structures a number of intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements, in which Glavkosmos was defined responsible for their implementation, was prepared.

Space research and its application for peaceful purposes, both research and development and commercial cooperation in the field of materials science, remote sensing, biology and medicine, solar physics, astrophysics, solar system research, communication, implementation of mutual projects on designing, launching and operating of spacecraft were the priority areas of collaboration. Glavkosmos successfully carried out its international economic activities in the field of rocket and space technologies, research and development works including designing space technology, and also participated in works on conversion subject.

From the very beginning our Company has consistently expanded its successful experience in carrying out commercial projects in the exploration of space for peaceful purposes together with other countries and space agencies and private companies. Nowadays Glavkosmos possesses unique space experience both on Russian and international markets.

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