zodiacZodiac Data Systems is a leading provider in the fields of telemetry, command and control (TT&C), and high data rate transmissions applications.

Zodiac Data Systems is a major actor in supplying from components to systems granting a guaranteed link for missile / rocket flight termination, orbit determination and communication monitoring, as well as mission and flight test data recording.

For space industry, we designs, supplies and integrates complete ground stations for satellites communications, TT&C and Remote Sensing.

– more than 90% of in-orbit satellites controlled through our Cortex series,
– supplier of satellite manufacturers and operators as well as institutional bodies (US Air Force, US Navy, Canadian DoD,…)
– world #1 performance in fully passive orbit determination, geolocation of satcom interferers.

Our field spans from smart, cost-controlled and integrated solutions for the new emerging markets, up to the higher-end top-notch technologies & systems for the most demanding customers.

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