Comtech Command & Control Technologies, formerly TeleCommunication Systems, Inc., specializes in affordable high-precision LEO and MEO tracking antennas for Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, and Communications satellites. C&CT is an industry-leading full service provider of integrated ground station equipment and services for satellite and launch vehicle telemetry, tracking and commanding. We offer a family of durable and low-maintenance X/Y pedestal antennas that are optimized for LEO/MEO missions and eliminate keyholes at zenith, cable wrap issues and drive backlash. C&CT also provides complete engineering services for all ground station related operations, specializing in launch support, range safety, satellite TT&C, and communication systems. We are focused on customer service, technical excellence, and speed of delivery. With more than 35 years in the industry, C&CT is devoted to providing customers with the most cost-effective approach to ensure mission success even under the most difficult technical and environmental conditions.

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